Protection of Children and Young People

For our Church to comply with the Child Protection legislation, the Child Protection Co-ordinator and all new volunteers must be approved by the Central Registered Body Scotland (CRBS).

Policy Statement

The Church of Scotland has a deep concern for the wholeness and well-being of each individual.

It seeks to safeguard the welfare of all people,
regardless of age,
who come into contact with the
Church and its Organisations.

It is the responsibility of each individual within the
fellowship of the Church to Prevent
the physical, sexual or emotional abuse
of children and young people.

The Policy Statement is displayed throughout the Church and Hall.
This clarifies the Church of Scotland's viewpoint regarding the welfare of children and encourages each member to take responsibility for the well-being of the children and young people in the Church.


To ensure the safety of our young people, the Church of Scotland operates a strict Safeguarding Policy and all our helpers have been vetted and trained accordingly.
Therefore, when dropping off your child at Sunday School, we would be most grateful if you could inform one of the teachers if someone other than yourself will be collecting your child.

Katie McKail: Child Protection Safeguarding Co-ordinator