United Presbyterian Church. Presbytery of Kilmamock.
First discussions on the needs of Prestwick.

1880 The Mission Hall was opened. (The present Session House)
1881 Full Church status in the Presbytery of Kilmarnock

First Minister appointed. (Replaced Visiting Preachers)

1884 The new Church building was opened.

Joined with the Free Church to become Prestwick South
United Free Church.  U.F. Presbytery of Ayr.


Vestry accommodation added.


Memorial Window to Sarah W. Stewart Gilfillan.


Wired for Electricity.


Memorial Window to 2nd Lt. William Albert Robertson Monteith.

1927 Ryefield House and grounds adjacent to the Church purchased.

Pulpit area remodelled. Organ moved to the South side of the
Church and the Pulpit moved south from the centre.


The New Hall was opened.


Front area of the Church opened by removing the gates and
part of the front wall.


Gas CentraI Heating installed in the Church.

1967 & 1972

Memorial Windows given by 3rd Prestwick Brownies.

1997 Small Hall, formerly the Mission Station redesigned to serve as the Session House and to hold small meetings.
1981 Gas central heating installed in the New Hall.  Pulpit area redesigned to provide clearer platform area for the Communion Table and for Wedding and Baptismal Ceremonies.
1984 Pulpit and Choir area redesigned.
1985 Church bell equipment installed.  Wyvern Organ installed, this being the third organ in the Church's history - apart from the harmonium in the early days of the Mission.
1990 The new comprehensive Notice Board was erected in the forecourt and dedicated in memory of Mrs Marguerite Simpson.

The new Vestry was dedicated in memory of Mrs Jean Deans. The old Vestry was turned into a much needed Waiting Room.

1992 The Church Garden was completed, transformed from waste ground at the rear of the Hall.

On Good Friday, 9th April, a Metal Sculpture depicting Christ on the Cross was erected in the Church Garden.  It was a gift from the art department of Ayr Academy.

The New Kitchen Extension was opened by Provost Gibson MacDonald of Kyle and Carrick District Council


Two Ramps were constructed to facilitate access to the Church and Halls for the disabled. £900 towards this project was provided from funds resulting from Rev. Kenneth Elliott’s 1994 Sponsored London Marathon Run.

An improved Sound System was of significant help to those
with hearing difficulties and incorporated facilities for recording weekly services for the benefit of house bound and sick members.

1996 The Session House was Refurbished.  Carpet Tiles were fitted, New Chairs were purchased and purpose-built furniture was constructed.