Through the generosity of certain people the following items have been gifted to the Church in recent years:


On Sunday, 7th August, at the Morning Service a new improved Pulpit Light and additional Church Illumination was dedicated.  These were the gift of Miss Joan Gillespie and her sister Mrs K Richmond in memory of their mother Mrs Jane Anna Gillespie.


The refurbishment of the Session House included a Lectern in memory of Eric Allan Boyd who sadly died at a very young age in 1970.  This was gifted by Eric’s parents.


On Sunday 22nd March a Bible Marker was dedicated in memory of Mr Jack McMurtrie, our former Church Officer.  This was gifted by Mrs May Fyfe in memory of her brother.
On Sunday 24th May two new Pulpit Falls were dedicated in memory of Mrs Helen Armour.  These were gifted by Mr Gibby Armour in memory of his wife.


On Sunday 2nd May two Magazine Holders were dedicated in memory of Mrs Elma McLean and Mrs Evelyn Rowe.  These Magazine Holders were gifted by Mrs McLean’s son Jamie and niece Fiona; and by Mrs Rowe’s daughter Eunice.


On Sunday the 8th April two New Hymn Boards were dedicated in loving memory of Mr Fred Paton.  The Hymn Boards were gifted to the Church by Fred’s wife, Nancy.


On Sunday 15th September a Communion Table Runner was dedicated in memory of Mrs Margaret McClure.  This was gifted by her daughter Janice.


On Sunday 20th June, Pottery sets were dedicated at a special dedication service in the memory of Eunice Swann.  They were gifted by her friends and family.


On Sunday 22nd November a beautifully crafted Table made by Bobby McPike was formally dedicated in the ‘Welcome Area’ of the Church. The Table was gifted by our Organist David Ferguson in memory of his wife Margaret.