The Social Committee was formed to stimulate fellowship among members by arranging various functions and events.


On Friday the 20th September The Teddy Toddler Group opened it’s doors to mums and young children.


The 4th Prestwick Junior Section and Anchor Boys had their first meeting on 3rd September.


In April a  spectacular and highly colourful three day Flower Festival in aid of the Simona Trust was held in  the Church.


The Junior Choir performed for the very first time on Sunday the 18th of May.


The Congregation embarked on the Buchanan Campaign with tremendous enthusiasm.  On Friday 24th April approximately 380 packed Belmont Academy in Ayr for a Family Meal.  The final result of the Campaign reflected that income had risen from £43,598 to over £67,000.


On Sunday night, the 21st March, the Choir plus some additional members from the Congregation, under the leadership of David Ferguson performed the Sacred Cantata, ‘The Good Shepherd’ by T Mee Pattison.  All proceeds were donated to the Macmillan Cancer Relief Ayrshire Appeal.
On Sunday 25th April the Junior Choir performed ‘Captain Noah’


Music continued to play a key part in the Church with the Choir performing  ‘The Sayings Of Jesus’ on Sunday the 2nd April. Then on  Sunday 14th May the Junior Choir performed ‘The Shepherd King’.
As part of the Church’s Millennium celebrations  the Dunaskin
Doon Brass Band led a Special Songs of Praise on Sunday 4th June featuring some of the Congregations favourite Hymns including the Number One choice ‘Thine Be The Glory’.


On Sunday 13th May the Junior Choir performed ‘The Singing Dancing Carpenter’. This modern musical about the life of Jesus once again highlighted the youthful musical talent in the Church.


On Sunday 28th April the Junior Choir performed ‘Joseph And His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ to a packed Church. Such was the success of this production that due to popular demand the Junior Choir gave an additional performance on Sunday 19th May.


The Congregation once again embarked on a Stewardship Campaign - ‘The Bright Future Campaign 2003’. The format of the successful 1998 Campaign laid the foundations and income rose by approximately 16%.


In October 2004 the Church celebrated it’s 125th Anniversary. A special Exhibition took place in the Church Hall on the 9th and 10th October with Photographs and other items depicting the past 125 years. On Sunday the 10th October a special Anniversary Service was held, when a packed Church gave thanks to God for Prestwick South Parish Church. After the Service a Buffet Lunch, complete with a Birthday Cake, was provided in the Hall.
It truly was a very moving and memorable occasion.


On Sunday 31st December the Prestwick South Praise Band, under the leadership of Brian McGhie made their very first appearance before the Congregation.


The Congregation embarked on the Reaffirmation Campaign seeking  to review not just financially, but also spiritually, their commitment to the Church. Income rose by approximately 13.7%.


The 4th Prestwick Boys’ Brigade amalgamated with the 2nd Prestwick.


The Congregation once again embarked on a Reaffirmation Campaign which resulted in a financial increase of approximately 9.4%.


On the 2nd November a special Thanksgiving Service was held to mark the 25th anniversary of the Rev Kenneth Elliott’s ministry at Prestwick South. This was followed by a Silver Jubilee Dinner on the 7th November.


The 2015 Reaffirmation Campaign took place, centred around a Fellowship Meal at the Walker Hall in Troon. Income rose by approximately 10.6%.


The Congregation returned to the Walker Hall in Troon on Friday 14th June as part of the 2019 Reaffirmation Campaign. Once again the Congregation reviewed their commitment to the Church in terms of time, talent and financial giving’s.